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Our Approach.


The mobile web is an extremely exciting place to be and many companies are now finding out the benefits of having their own mobile applications.  Here at TradeMark Applications we will get to the heart of your requirements and deliver exceptional quality apps.  with our unique back office, we are able to update apps on the fly, as well as submit updates for more complicated enhancements.

Whatever your requirements, we are glad to discuss them with you.


We develop a plan based on your goals.

Client Relationship.

We listen to your needs and act accordingly.

Tailored Services.

We provide services within your budget.

End Results.

We deliver products that produce.

Areas of expertise.


Smartphone Applications (iOS & Android)

Designed, built and launched.

Social Media Solutions

Social network enabling so your product remains visible to its target audience.

Website Design

Either revamp or from scratch, we produce contemporary websites which fit perfectly with your mobile product.

Marketing Solutions

We have extensive knowledge of how to get downloads and retain download levels.

Market and Competitor Watch

Stay ahead of the competion with our continued competitor watch strategies.

Free Consultation

Email, call or visit for a free consultation and a detail guide of what we can do for you and your business.

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